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The goal behind The DFIR Spot is to share all the knowledge. That’s always been my motto. All too often do I come across Cybersecurity sites that are heavily focused on CTFs, and the “cool” parts of DFIR, which are fantastic, but this doesn’t always cover what Threat Actors are doing today. I’m here to share the “real” parts. Common tools, tactics, techniques and procedures I’ve observed in the field and applicable ways to investigate and remediate threats.

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I mean, you're here, right? So I guess you'll want to hear about who I am. 

I have a HUGE passion for learning. My motto growing up and when entering this field has always been "Learn all the things". I've spent numerous years in a helpdesk position, Desktop support, working at a government SOC, and now, responding to incidents nationwide. Although my background and previous roles prior to cybersecurity and overall IT has been in sales, I spent many years learning on my own. This included practicing on platforms such as TryHackMe and HackTheBox as well as joining virtual conferences, networking with likeminded individuals, studying for certifications and lots and lots of reading. 

Currently, I have an Associates degree in Computer Science, a Bachelors degree in Cybersecurity and will be working towards my Master's degree in CyberSecurity shortly. I also hold numerous certifications which include CompTIA A+, Security+, Pentest+, and certified vulnerability professional. Additionally, I hold multiple GIAC certifications such as the GNFA, GREM, GCFE, GCFA, and GCFR. Of course I also have certifications in various commercial tools. If you can't tell, I absolutely love what I do. 


Have general questions? I'm always open for a discussion.

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